West Branch Staff

Troy Carlson

Evangelist Troy Carlson

Director, West Branch; Vice-President, Bill Rice Ranch

While receiving training in Bible college to be an evangelist, Brother Carlson began working as a summer staff counselor at the Bill Rice Ranch. Following three summers of ministry, Brother Carlson joined the full-time staff of the Ranch as a staff evangelist and the program director of the summer camps. In 1999, the Carlsons moved to Flagstaff to take the reins of West Branch. God has used more than a decade of ministry with West Branch to give the Carlsons a love for the West—its people and its churches. He continues his work as an evangelist through local church meetings and West Branch on the Move. He and his wife, Sara, have two children, Abby and Nathan, which are both in Bible college. The Carlsons’ live on the West Branch property in Williams, Arizona.

Wil Rice IV

Evangelist Wil Rice
President, Bill Rice Ranch

Brother Rice grew up with a first-hand view of revival ministry while traveling with his father, Evangelist Bill Rice III, and also seeing the summer ministries of the Bill Rice Ranch. Later God confirmed His call for Brother Rice to be an evangelist himself. Following his grandfather and father, both of whom served as president of the Bill Rice Ranch for 25 years each, Brother Wil Rice was installed to direct the ministries in the summer of 2003. As president, he directs the many facets of the Ranch including summer camps, seasonal retreats, and outreaches. He also travels frequently in local church revival meetings and regional conferences. He lives with his wife, Sena, and their three children on the Ranch outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is regularly involved in West Branch ministries as a speaker and also provides much vision and leadership for the work in the West.

Bill Rice III

Evangelist Bill Rice III
Assitant to the President, Bill Rice Ranch

While it was Bill Rice II, the founder of the Bill Rice Ranch, who had the original burden for a Bill Rice Ranch camp extension in the West, it was Bill Rice III who saw it come to pass. For many years, Brother Rice looked for property in the West to begin a new camp. The Lord brought that to pass in 1989 through miraculous means as West Branch was established in Flagstaff. With a life-long love for the West, Brother Rice is still very active preaching in the West and providing input for the developing ministries of West Branch. Still spending many months out of the year on the road, he and his wife, Mary, base out of the Ranch in Tennessee.

WB Development

West Branch has always been a pioneering work. This was certainly true as the first fourteen buildings on the Williams property were constructed under the leadership of veteran missionary builder Harry Lippert. Harry himself grew up coming to the Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee with his family to help in the early construction stages there. From 1998-2006, Harry and Bev lived on the West Branch Williams site and directed other volunteers who came to help us build. From March 2013-July 2016, Bill Bach served as the project coordinator to guide us through the several phases of development still needed to complete the project. Just as Bill and his wife, Barb, came here from secular work in Missouri to dedicate themselves to full-time Christian work, now Dennis and Lynda Duncan have moved here from northwest Tennessee to donate their time as caretakers of the property. Without their volunteer service and the service of many other volunteers over the years, this ministry could not exist. A recent college graduate, Isaiah Nuno is now serving a one-year internship at West Branch.

It is now our desire to find other godly, separated Christian people to serve with us either on full-time resident staff or in a one-year internship. We need program, maintenance, and kitchen help primarily.

Bill Rice Ranch

Bill Rice Ranch Staff

West Branch could not exist without the contributions of numerous full-time Bill Rice Ranch staff members who live in Tennessee. Ranch staff work day to day on West Branch responsibilities in accounting, graphic design, web design, publications, and other areas of organization. Also, a number of staff have made trips to regional conference sites to help with music and children’s ministry. Some have traveled to our development site to help with maintenance, lumber milling, and other facility projects.


West Branch of
Bill Rice Ranch
2501 E. Pinetree Dr.
Williams, AZ 86046
Phone: 928-635-2097

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