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 Regional Conferences on Marriage and the Home

Conferences on Marriage & the Home

Because God has an opinion about the home, we often partner with churches for focused conferences specifically addressing this vital topic. These regional conferences provide authoritative, practical, and hopeful preaching on God's plan for our families. The conferences are hosted by Independent Baptist churches across the country who wish to encourage themselves and others with the Bible teaching needed for successful homes.

Each conference is scheduled and planned uniquely for the host church, but often include: classes for different ages of children, special split sessions for specific topics, uplifting special music, and clear, Bible preaching. Families are encouraged by the fellowship of others in their church and churches from around the region who are also interested in biblical success. 


Conference Speakers Often Include:

Wil Rice IV Bill Rice III Evangelist Tim Thompson
Wil Rice IV
Bill Rice III
Tim Thompson


Upcoming Conferences:


You can expect:

  • Solid Bible preaching on the home from Evangelists Wil Rice IV, Bill Rice III, and Tim Thompson

  • Split session for men, ladies, and teenagers – practically applying Bible truth to each part of the home

  • Exciting children’s program and well-staffed nurseries for children 6th grade and down

  • Encouraging fellowship with families from across the region

  • Uplifting music from the Bill Rice Ranch

  • Helpful resources for your family – books, music, devotionals, and more!


To schedule a conference like this for your church,
please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 1-800-253-RICE, ext. 104



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