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Local Church Sign Language School

The 8-Day Sign Language School has been a successful tool to train members of local churches in communication with deaf people.  The primary purpose of the school is to help a local church start or strengthen its ministry to the Deaf.  The school begins on a Sunday (typically 4 pm) and ends the following Sunday.  Classes are held throughout the week in the evenings and also Saturday morning.  There is no class the night of the mid-week service.  During the eight days, students are immersed in the language of the Deaf through classes, assignments, and demonstrations totaling nearly thirteen hours of instruction.  In the morning service of the second Sunday, students interpret songs and provide special music in a Sign Language Choir.

Deaf Rally

A Deaf Rally is a Saturday/Sunday event for an existing deaf ministry.  Saturday is a full day of outreach including: activities, games, prizes, food, fellowship, and evangelistic preaching.  Sunday is a day of ministry to the local church.  The purposes of the Deaf Rally are to win people to Christ, provide area contacts for the local church, and to highlight the Bill Rice Ranch.  Hosting an event like the Deaf Rally is an excellent way to draw attention to both the local church’s ministry to the Deaf and the Bill Rice Ranch’s camping opportunities.

For more information or to schedule one of these events for your local church, call us at (800) 253-7423, ext. 112 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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