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2018 Youth Camp Weeks 

  • Revival Preaching Atmosphere

  • Dynamic Youth Speakers

  • Competitive Sports Tournaments

  • Evangelistic Style Music Contest

  • Exciting Daily Activities

  • Air-conditioned Cabins

  • Great Fellowship & Food

  • Revived & Unified Youth Group

2018 Preaching Schedule

Youth Week campers will be challenged throughout the week by solid Bible preaching. The Ranch creates a revival atmosphere through Christ-honoring music and dynamic speakers with a heart for young people and the gospel. These preaching services help prepare teens now and for future challenges and decisions in life.


Youth Week I
June 11-15

John Goetsch Jr


Pastor John Goetsch Jr.


Youth Week II
June 25-29



Alton Beal

Evangelist Alton Beal

Youth Week III
July 9-13

Jeff Redlin

Pastor Jeff Redlin

Youth Week IV
July 16-20

John Van Gelderen

Evangelist John Van Gelderen

Ranch Evangelists will also be preaching each week!

Wil Rice IV

Bill Rice III

Matt Downs

Chris Miller

Nathan McConnell

Wil Rice IV

Bill Rice

Matt Downs

Chris Miller

Nathan McConnell



Sports Tournaments

During a week of camp, youth groups compete together in a unique Interstate Sports Tournament. The sports competition consists of Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball and Flag Football.


Music Contest

The music contest is an Evangelistic Music Competition in vocal solo, vocal group, piano solo, instrumental, and choir categories. Teens are encouraged to develop their musical abilities in their church.

  • (Click here to view Contest Info) .PDF
  • Please note - All vocal solo, vocal group, and choir selections must be submitted for approval. Please email your selection(s) including song name, composer, & arranger to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  prior to arrival at camp. 

    (Any arrangement by Bill Rice Ranch Publications is automatically approved. Visit our store for arrangements.)


Other Activities

The Ranch offers a variety of activities in addition to the sports tournament. Enjoy Putt Putt, outback obstacle course, cool pool, cowboy cookouts, rodeo, trail rides, the Wild Frontier BBQ and Western Show, and much more. Teens can select extra activities to be a part of throughout the week.

Camp Week Costs: 


Camp Fee: $230 per person plus:

Registration fee $30 by Feb. 28 Total: $260
Registration fee $50 by After Feb. 28 Total: $280


Register Early and Save!
Space is limited – call today to check availability!

2018 Fastrack

Bringing a Group? Save over $470 with Fast Track Reservations

A unique way to help your entire group come next summer!


Bring a Bible, notebook, pen, bedding (bunk beds), towels, washcloths, swimsuit (no two-piece suits), and other personal items. Bedding, towels and washcloths may be rented at camp. You will need money for: cowboy cookouts and trail rides (see below), snacks, souvenirs, books, CDs, etc.

Please DO NOT bring

Radios, CD/MP3/DVD players, skate-boards, bikes, or rollerblades. No smoking. No pets.

Cell Phones

While campers may bring cell phones with them for use on the trip, they will be required to turn them in to their counselor for the duration of the camp week

Bring money for these special activities:


Cowboy Cookout

A Bill Rice Ranch classic! Horse or wagon ride through the beautiful east pasture. Delicious grub including: Steak, eggs, hashbrowns, Tennessee Toast, Cowboy Coffee & Wonder-Juice. Unforgettable cowboy entertainment.

Teens: $13/wagon, $15/horse


Wild Frontier BBQ & Western Show

A rootin’ tootin’ adventure through the Wild West! Knee-slappin’ songs & entertainment. Old-fashioned, lip-smackin’ fixin’s.

Teens/Counselors Only: $13


Horse Rides

Scenic 45-minute trail rides on the back property. Well-trained horses. Corny cowboy jokes at no added cost!

Teens: $6 (30 minutes long) $12 (60 minutes long)


Tickets cannot be reserved ahead of time but may be purchased throughout the camp week.


From its beginning the Ranch has encouraged its guests to honor the Lord in appearance. Wholesome standards displaying modesty and distinction between the sexes are intended to be a help and blessing to you.

Boys No shorts. Sweatpants or wind pants will not be appropriate for meals or services.

Girls Skirts, dresses, and activity attire (culottes/athletic wear)are appropriate for your week at the Ranch. They must be knee-length and loose. No shorts, pants, capris, or cut-offs, please. Skirts or dresses are required in the mornings and evenings. This would include all meals and services. Activity attire should be worn only in the afternoons for sports and other activities. No two-piece swimsuits, unless the top and bottom overlap.


Each meal is served as an All-you-can-eat Buffet in an air-conditioned dinning hall. The Ranch takes pride in the quality of food served; it’s guaranteed to be the best camp food you have ever had.


Youth groups stay together in our recently air conditioned cabins. Each room is equipped with its own restroom and showers.


Information and instructions for taking medication should be sent on registration card. Diabetics or others on special diets must bring their own foodstuffs if supplement beyond regular meal is desired.


Plan to be on the Ranch for the first meal and first service. A good beginning is important to the success of the entire camp. Each summer camp week begins Monday at 3 PM. The first meal is served at 6:30 PM; the first service is at 8 PM.

The camp week ends after the last service Friday night. Plan to leave by 8 AM Saturday morning.


The Ranch will provide transportation from the Nashville Airport, Bus Station, or Murfreesboro Bus Station at $15 per person per trip ($5 each way if group of 4 or more). Send your travel schedule if you wish to be met.

Youth Camp Registration Summer 2018

Register for camp early! Weeks will fill up quickly so save your spot today by following the Five Steps to Register.

If you register early you can save $20 per person. Early reservations assure you a place at camp and save you money.

 2018 Fastrack

Bringing a Group? Save even more with Fast Track Reservations

A unique way to help your entire group come next summer!

 *Registration fees cannot be refunded, but are transferable to another camper’s registration fee. Please remember: “Once a registration fee, always a registration fee!”

5 Steps to Register

1. Choose your week early!

2. Complete the registration form


3. Enter all information requested

4. Mail in form with registration fee

    • Sent by Feb. 28 - $30 Reg. Fee
    • Sent after Feb. 28- $50 Reg. Fee

(Register early and save $20)

5. Pay Camp fee of $230 on arrival


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do we arrive?

A: Each summer camp week begins Monday afternoon with check-in from 3-6 PM. The first meal is served at 6:30 PM; the first service is at 8 PM. The camp week ends after the last service Friday night. Plan to leave by 8 AM Saturday morning.

Q: Do church counselors need to register, and what is the cost for them?

A: Yes, every adult that comes to camp needs to register using the same forms that the campers use. There will be a place to mark that they are coming as an adult. The cost for camp is the same as the cost for the camper.

Q: Who qualifies as a church counselor and how many counselors does our group need?

A: All church counselors must be at least 20 years old or married. One church counselor for every 8 to 10 campers is an ideal ratio. If possible, there should be at least one man and one woman with each church group. Please contact the registrar if this is a problem. All adults will automatically stay with the campers unless staying in a Fast Track room or renting a deluxe room.

Q: Can church counselors bring their young children with them to camp?

A: We encourage church counselors not to bring their young children with them to camp, if at all possible, for two reasons: (1) our youth weeks are not set up to accommodate small children (no nurseries, etc.), and (2) necessary care for the children during the week would keep the church counselor from fully being able to focus their attention on the campers that came with them. With this said, we understand that sometimes this is unavoidable. In this case, the church counselors may rent a family deluxe room. Contact the registrar for prices and to reserve the room.

Q: Can my group add on campers after our week is declared "full"?

A: Yes. Though a week is declared "full" to any new groups, we purposely leave space for any of our existing groups to grow. We never want you to have to turn away campers! Please just be sure to send their registrations in to us as soon as possible so that we can plan appropriately. Any last-minute add-ons (within 1 week of your camp date) should be communicated to the registrar by phone or email, and the registration forms can be turned in upon arrival.

Q: What about camper medication?

A: For the safety of all campers in the cabin, we ask that all medication be turned in to the First Aid station upon arrival. Our medical staff will keep careful records and will ensure that each camper receives his/her medication when needed.

Q: What about campers with special diets?

A: Due to the wide variety of campers that come every week, we cannot accommodate every allergy and diet represented. Campers with special food needs can bring supplemental food with them. If the food needs to be refrigerated, please accompany the camper to the First Aid Station to store it there. Specific menu information will be available upon request.

Q: What is your policy about cell phones?

A: While campers may bring cell phones with them for use on the trip, they will be required to turn them in to you or another church counselor for the duration of the camp week. Their staff counselor will collect any phones that have not already been collected by the church counselor. Any emergency calls can be arranged through the church counselor. Parents may feel free to call the Ranch if a message needs to be conveyed to their children.

Q: Is there a place to do laundry?

A: Yes. Our Wash Tub is available for use by church counselors throughout the week. The Wash Tub is fully equipped with several washers and large dryers. The washers and dryers take quarters, and there is a change machine in the room.

Q: What is the cost for renting linens?

A: A full set of linens (bedding, pillow, towels, washcloths) can be rented from the Linen Room for $10. If a camper needs an individual item, the costs are as follows: sheets ($4), 2 towels ($3), 2 washcloths ($2),pillow/case ($2), blanket ($4).




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