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Ranch Hands

Volunteer part of your summer to help make this ministry possible!

Ranch Hands are young men between the ages of 15-19 who volunteer a part of their summer to assist in the revival ministry of the Bill Rice Ranch.

For over sixty years the Lord has allowed the Bill Rice Ranch to be a help to young people through the preaching of God's Word. The camp atmosphere provides an excellent opportunity for revival preaching to do a work in the hearts of campers of all ages. Each summer the Bill Rice Ranch needs a number of young men to help make this ministry possible.

Ranch Hands serve as dining hall support staff during a month-long session in the summer. Two sessions are available to choose from.

Ranch Hands learn practical job skills and make friends from across the country. More importantly, they are spiritually challenged by the nightly preaching of the Bible in camp services. 

All Ranch Hand workers must apply for a position and come on a voluntary basis. The Ranch provides room, board, weekend activities, and a $15 expense allowance each week. The $15 expense allowance will help cover the cost of laundry and the Sunday afternoon meal. There is also an optional meal on Saturday, where each young man may choose to eat in town.

June 2-July 7, 2018


July 7-August 4, 2018


Apply to become a Ranch Hand

To begin the application process, please click the button below:

Online Application

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Note: Ranch Hand positions tend to fill up rather quickly.  It is generally best to apply in the fall in order to be accepted for the following summer.)

  • Serve in a full-time ministry setting

  • Work alongside other dedicated teenagers

  • Grow spiritually

  • Acquire leadership and people skills

  • Develop strong work ethic

Work schedules revolve around meal times, leaving gaps of free time in the morning and afternoon.  During most afternoons, participants can either rest or get involved in the special activities and swim times provided for campers.  There will also be opportunities for recreational activities on the weekends. These would include swimming, free time at the game room, and sometimes organized sports as well other activities both on and off the Ranch.

Work itself will include setting up for each meal, helping things run smoothly during meal times, and cleaning up the Dining Hall and kitchen after each meal is complete.  Typically, job assignments within the Dining Hall are on a weekly rotation, allowing Ranch Hand volunteers to help in a variety of areas during their time at the Ranch.

Ranch Hands enjoy staying in a cabin with one of our summer staff counselors. This provides great opportunities to spend time with their counselors and to build friendships with campers from across the country.

  • Campers’ lives changed

  • Personal spiritual growth

  • Answered prayers

  • Souls saved

  • Joy in serving others

  • Eternal rewards

Not only are the Ranch Hand volunteers a tremendous help to the Ranch, but also the Ranch experience can be a tremendous help to them personally.  In the evenings, they are able to be a part of the great revival services held here at the Ranch each camp week. They will find the practical, straight forward Bible preaching to be both a challenge and a help as they hear godly evangelists and pastors from all over the country.

Depending on our needs and their interest, Ranch Hand volunteers may be asked to return for an entire summer to serve in a leadership capacity on operational staff. 

Consider making the Summer Ranch Hand program part of your summer.  Come see what God can do when you surrender yourself and allow Him to work!

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