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"At the Ranch we believe that there should be no greater (human) influence on a young person at camp than the church that brought him." Wil Rice IV


That is why a significant number of pastors are on the Ranch 
all or part of the week with the group they sent. 


That is why each church group stays together
in a cabin hosted by a staff counselor.


That is why we implement a year-round follow-up process on camper decisions
from the week, during the week.


That is why we encourage and facilitate active involvement
from church youth workers in the camp program.


 Watch our video and see WHY


That is why we invest in church leadership training each morning at 8:30.


That is why more than 10% of the average
youth group on the Ranch is adults!


That is why group unity increases even as churches
enjoy fellowship with like-minded churches from across the country.


That is why parents have confidence in sending
their (junior age) children hundreds of miles to camp
with people from the church they know and trust.


That is why churches are encouraged, inspired, and sharpened by exposure to the programs of sister churches at camp.


That is why camp endears campers to their own church,
even as they grow to love Ranch staff.


That is why there is a high number of campers who will return
as youth workers with their church.


That is why lost kids come as guests, come to Christ,
then leave as part of the youth group.


That is why contests in music and sports build preparation for camp and unity in the church.


That is why our attitude and emphasis is in harmony
with that which the church does before camp and will
continue to do after the week of camp. 


That is why small groups typically grow each year they return.


Your church can experience the difference camp can make this summer! Learn more about our summer camps