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"To make the most of Bible preaching for the benefit of
churches and the people they seek to reach."

 To fulfill our mission, we seek to reach people through:

Local Revival Meetings

 Local church revivals were our first outlet. Our founder, Dr. Bill Rice, was an evangelist who conducted revival meetings in local churches and in public venues across the country and around the world. We continue to actively promote evangelists who encourage local churches through revival efforts. 

Ranch Regional Events

 These take many forms, including Deaf rallies, family conferences, and youth conferences. 


 Year-round camp events provide a revival atmosphere where campers and churches from across the country and abroad meet to recharge. 

C.A.M.P - Controlled Atmosphere for the Ministry of Preaching

We seek to create the most favorable atmosphere possible for preaching.

"We want to make the most of the local church."

  • Groups come to camp as a church.

  • Groups stay together at camp as a church.

  • Groups compete as a church in the teen camp program

  • Groups are encouraged to bring adults to camp who work alongside our staff to counsel the campers from their church.

"We want to make the most of the camp program."

  • Bible preaching dominates the focus of our program. The largest building in the very center of camp is the main auditorium. Its sole purpose is to effectively accommodate preaching to crowds. Our goal is to consider each activity and schedule by the same criterion: how will it help the preaching?

"Bible preaching is the very reason for the counseling our staff give at camp."

Counseling is important precisely because of the way it complements Bible preaching. When an atmosphere is conducive to preaching, such preaching provides the very opportunities we seek in order to answer the questions campers have. We do not counsel primarily to find problems; we actively counsel to resolve problems revealed through the preaching of God's Word in the power of His Spirit.

"We want to make the most of time."

  • We want to start camp as early in the week as is possible.

  • We want to create as many effective preaching opportunities in the week as is possible.

  • We want to schedule the services in the best time slots possible.

  • We want to start each service on time every time.

  • We want every moment in the service to glorify the Lord and focus attention on what He has to say.

  • We want to use every moment between services to encourage campers to have fun, and be refreshed, alert and open-minded.


We seek to accommodate preaching that is on target for:

Preaching to Deaf Campers

Preachers communicate in whatever language a camper best understands, using American Sign Language, visual aids, and special classes when necessary. Several of our preachers and counselors are deaf, and some were saved through the ministry of the Ranch.

Preaching to Junior Campers

Elementary-aged campers hear preaching from interesting speakers who are clear and simple in their presentation. These sermons are amply illustrated both in the regular services as well as in the daily Illustrated Message at the Rodeo Arena. Here, we illustrate Bible lessons with cowboys, horses, and ranch life.

Preaching to Teen Campers

Teen campers discover that the preaching services are the highlight of the week! Young people will find the preaching to be compelling, direct, and relevant to their lives. This ministry is reinforced by both Staff Counselors and "Church Counselors" who love young people and are well equipped to deal with the issues that surface from confrontation with helpful preaching.

Preaching to Family Campers

Because God has an opinion about the home, He is actively interested in each family of whatever size. The Family Weeks provide classes for different ages, special "family seminars" each evening, and preaching that is authoritative, practical, and hopeful. Campers are encouraged by the fellowship of other campers who are also interested in biblical success.

Preaching at Other Camp Events

Various camping events throughout the year are geared to specific groups. This promotes preaching that is fairly narrow in focus and very generous in help for the campers who come.

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