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The Bill Rice Ranch works with churches as a revival ministry complementing the work of local churches across the country year-round. In the summer and during our retreats, the Ranch effectively brings Revival-style preaching, music, invitations, and fellowship to multiple churches. Throughout the year, the evangelists listed below travel across America holding week-long revivals, family conferences, youth rallies, and more. Our burden as evangelists is to see the lost won to Jesus Christ, believers revived, and churches strengthened for the glory of the Lord!

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W Rice

Evangelist Wil Rice IV



B Rice III

Evangelist Bill Rice III



Evangelist Troy Carlson

Director of West Branch



Evangelist Nathan McConnell

Deaf Ministries Director


Evangelist Matt Downs

Camp Director


Frank Finney

Evangelist Frank Finney

Camp Representative


 Evangelist Chris Miller






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