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Character Development Program

We define character as doing right apart from outside influences (including anticipated gain or possible punishment). We aim to instill in our students a desire to do the right thing (if everyone is looking or if no one is), and “right” is dictated by the principles outlined in the Bible. We have chosen nine character traits to teach throughout the year – one per month, building upon each other. These traits are modeled, taught, and rewarded consistently at BRCA in and outside the classroom. The desire to do right must be planted and grown from the time the child is young and throughout adolescence. Our goal for training character is to produce young people who desire to do right on their own by obeying God’s principles.


Definition – actions brought about by submission to authority
Description – Submissive, Humble

  • Follow directions, procedures, and rules immediately, completely, and with a right attitude.
  • Simply obey


Definition – to honor; to have consideration for
Description – Courteous, Decent, Mannerly
  • Respect your teacher by responding with a quiet, humble attitude.
  • Always respond with “Yes ma’am” and “No ma’am”.
  • Always say “Please,” “Thank you,” and “No, thank you.”
  • Say “Good morning” to any one that says it to you. Answer them with “How are you?”
  • Never laugh when others make mistakes.
  • Always use “Pardon me?” or “Ma’am?”, but never use “What?” or “Huh?”
  • Never interrupt. If you need to walk between two people who are talking, first try to go around or say “Excuse me, please.”
  • Use good table manners (chew with your mouth closed; don’t talk with food in your mouth; thoroughly clean up after yourself, etc.).
  • Show respect for property that belongs to the school or other students (books, desks, name tags, etc.).
  • Look people in the eye when they talk to you, you talk to them, or when you are in front of class.


Definition – expressing gratefulness; outwardly giving thanks
Description – Content, Joyful
  • Say “Thank you” each time you receive something (e.g., help, a compliment, a test, a treat, etc.).
  • Say “No, thank you” each time you are offered something that you do not take.
  • Never complain.


Definition – state of being entire; honesty
Description – Honest, Trustworthy
  • Even if you might get into trouble, always tell your teacher the truth.
  • Never exaggerate the truth to your friends.
  • Obey the spirit of the law, not just the letter of the law (e.g., “No talking” – don’t mouth the words; “No running” – no jogging, skipping, etc.).


Definition – being accountable for your actions; fulfilling your duties
Description – Accountable, Dependable, Having a Sense of Duty
  • Do what you say you will do.
  • Do your homework correctly, and turn it in on time each day.
  • Make your room job a priority, and do it to the best of your ability each day.
  • Never respond with an excuse (“I was just…”).
  • Never cast blame on others when you are in trouble.
  • Take responsibility for your part.


Definition – making right choices without hope of reward or fear of punishment
Description – Wise, Self-Controlled
  • When facing a tough decision, pause and ask God to help you choose correctly.
  • When the teacher leaves the room, obey all rules as if she were still there.
  • On the playground, choose to play right no matter what.
  • Never laugh when someone does wrong.
  • Have appropriate conversations; speech should always honor Christ (no movies or disgusting talk; never boast or gossip).


Definition – steady application; not giving up
Description – Faithful, Careful, Hard Working

  • Be thorough. Do everything (seatwork, homework, & room job) right the first time.
  • If you start a game at recess and don’t like it, finish it anyway.
  • Keep yourself and your area neat and clean (decently and in order).


Definition – having goodness of nature; friendliness
Description – Encouraging, Courteous, Impartial
  • Find one person each day to give a compliment.
  • At recess, play with someone you usually do not play with.
  • Win or lose games with a happy heart (say “Good job” to the person who won).
  • Congratulate a student who is doing well in school (e.g., answers question, good grade, etc.).
  • Greet all school visitors with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.”


Definition – selflessly helping others; usefulness
Description – Helpful, Humble, Giving
  • Volunteer to help your teacher when your work is finished.
  • Serve your classmates by letting them go first, getting their lunch, letting them choose the recess game, or doing their room job.
  • Pick up trash even if it is not yours.

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