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Additional Classes

Bible Class
Knowledge of the Bible is one of the greatest educational assets any person can have. Besides teaching moral and spiritual values, the Bible helps develop Christian character. Bible is an essential course for establishing a strong foundation for your child and is the first class taught each day at Bill Rice Christian Academy.

Our Elementary and Middle School chapels allows our 2nd-9th graders to leave the classroom and hear the Bible taught to them at our Christian camp. When the Bible is taught at Bill Rice Christian Academy, it is always age-appropriate and helpful.

sic is taught to all Elementary students every week. Mrs. Sanderlin teaches music theory, basic singing techniques, music composers and time periods, and much more. Students also learn the use of rhythm instruments and flutophones. Preparation for the annual Christmas Program and Graduation Ceremony is also part of class.

Fine Arts
During this class, our 4th-9th graders prepare for two programs as well as the TACS district and state fine arts competitions.

Keyboarding is taught to our 6th graders weekly.

Each Elementary student participates in art class every week. The classroom teacher teaches many basic skills.

Physical Education
Our Middle School stuents take P.E. 2-3 times a week where they learn multiple sports. Elementary students have P.E. daily.

Private Piano Lessons
Private piano lessons (1st-9th) are are during school hours, and students perform in a recital at the end of the year.

Help Class
Class is required for all students who are struggling academically. The classroom teacher conducts this class after school hours at no extra charge.

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Student Helping


Art Class

Piano Lessons

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