"I am very pleased with BRCA and thrilled that my younger son will have an excellent start to his education!"
Readyville, TN

Top 5 Reasons Parents Choose BRCA

The following reasons are based on an anonymous survey given to the parents of all Bill Rice Christian Academy students.

1. Spiritual Atmosphere
There is an atmosphere at Bill Rice Christian Academy that encourages strong character, obedience, respect for authority, and a Christ-like spirit. “Doing right” is expected, and a rebellious spirit is not tolerated. This is possible because of a loving and motivated faculty and a strong emphasis on Bible truth. These biblical truths are taught through Bible class and chapel, applied in each subject, and implemented throughout each day.

2. Academic Excellence
Bill Rice Christian Academy uses the Abeka curriculum. Abeka is the premier curriculum for Christian schools and produces outstanding results in America and around the world. It is known for its strong intensive phonics program and traditional approach to math. It is also known for teaching cursive writing in kindergarten.

3. Character Development
We define character as doing right apart from outside influences, including anticipated gain or possible punishment. Nine character traits are modeled, taught, and rewarded consistently throughout the year – one per month and then built upon. Our goal for training character is to produce young people who desire to do right on their own by obeying God’s principles.

4. Small School Environment
The average teacher/student ratio is lower than the typical Christian school. This allows for more individual attention and tutoring, and it also gives BRCA a personal touch. Many of the large-school problems are eliminated, and our location on a quiet 1,300-acre Christian camping environment adds the essential safety parents look for in a school.

5. Involved & Qualified Faculty
Our faculty is known for faithfully serving God at the Academy, camp, and their local churches. They truly love the Lord and strive to pass that love on to their students. We believe in informed parents. Our teachers want you to know what you can do to help, and they communicate through Parent/Teacher Meetings, memos, and newsletters.

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The following reasons are based on a survey given to the parents of all Bill Rice Christian Academy students.

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